PROJECT 20/20 - Yarche Tomsk International Marathon


Compete online. Follow the rules. Get your prize mailed to you!

For the first time ever!

June 26, 27 and 28, 2020 a super event – PROJECT 20/20 – an online multi-stage team running competition! 

3 days of drive, 3 days of speed, 3 days of exciting competition! 

Make your team of 3  and compete with other teams online


be a team of your own and compete as an individual!

Contest with the best runners of the world, challenge yourself and reward yourself for achievements with a cool medal!

PROJECT 20/20 is a multi-stage race that you can choose to take in three formats:

  1. Professional teams contest
  2. Amateur teams contest
  3. Individual contest

Wherever on the globe you start the race — run your personal half-marathon in three stages to show your best time.

  • Team registration fee is just ₽1,500
  • If you register as an individual runner it is just ₽500 for you.  
  • The event is organized by Tomsk Marathon Running Community, please register on website
  • The registration is open till the end of the day June 25, Thursday.

Race Formats:

1) Professional Teams contest:

Prize money: ₽100,000 (one hundred thousand rubles). The winner takes it all.
Stage 1  — 5 km team race at a stadium — a time of the third team member crossing the finish line goes to the Project 20/20 Chart  

Stage 2  — 15 km team race, all team members start from the same place — all three team members mean time goes to the Project 20/20 Chart

Stage 3  — 25х400 m relay  (two team members take part in the relay, make sure you use a relay baton)

*Check THE  RULES for Project 20/20 Professional Teams.
**Amateur runners can also register as a Professional Team provided they fully comply with the Rules.

2) Amateur Teams content:

Prizes: provdied by Partners of Project 20/20.
Race Chart  will include  3 categories: Men's Teams, Women's Teams, Mixed Teams.

Stage 1 — 5 km team race

Stage 2  — 10 km team race

Stage 3  — 6.1 km team race

The individual times of the three team members will be added together for the team's sum time and posted to the Project 20/20 Chart.
Total mileage foreach of the three members of the team equals to the half-marathon distance (3 х 21.1 km)

3) Individual Contest:

Prizes: provdied by Partners of Project 20/20.
Individual Chart will include three age categories for men and women: 40 and younger, 41–55, 56+.

Stage 1 – 5 km

Stage 2  – 10 km 

Stage 3  – 6.1 km 

Total mileage for an individual is equal to the half-marathon distance, 21.1 km

Contest Rules, Registration and Start:

  1. You may only choose one competition format and contest as a professional team with your friends or fellow runners, an amateur team or as an individual runner.
  2. If you choose to compete as a professional team make sure to strictly follow the Rules for Professional Team (as provided in the Project 20/20 General Rules).
  3. If you choose to perform as a team, make a team of three — a Men's Team, a Women's Team or a Mixed Team. Give your Team a name and elect your Captain.
  4. Make sure all team members register on before the end of the day JUNE 25 and receive a confirmation email.
  5. You can take your race in any country and any city.
  6. Choose proper places for running according to local health authorities' requirements to social distancing — a stadium, a park, an embankment etc.
  7. Run individually or as a small team, should it be permitted locally, and please take all necessary measures to stay healthy.

Races Dates and Time:

Stage 1 race
 must be started between 7 pm and 11 pm June 26, Friday
Stage 2 race must be started before midday June 27, Saturday
Stage 3 race starts 12:00 June 28, Sunday

Start time for the Stages above is your local time.

Time Tracking and Uploading of Results:

  1. Make a shot of any tracking app screen and upload it the same day through your personal page on ru/en that is, before midnight JUNE 26, JUNE 27 and JUNE 28.
  2. If you run as a team, all members must start the race within the time indicated (local time of their respective regions).
  3. The time and the tracking app screenshot of each team member must be uploaded on our website individually.
  4. The screenshot must clearly show start date & time, the distance, the results and GPS track of the route.

 Accepted Results and Project 20/20 Race Charts

  1. Upon each Stage completion we will publish Project 20/20 Chart showing current results and cumulative totals.
  2. We will accept your results if the distances (km) of all participants are not shorter than indicated above for a particular Stage.
  3. We will only accept results uploaded before midnight of the day of Stage 2, that is, before 0:00:01 JUNE 28. Stage 3 results uploaded after midnight of the day of their race (that is, after 0:00:01 JUNE 29) will not be accepted.
  4. If your distance is less than indicated above or is started earlier or later than indicated above we will not be able to  accept your results either. 
  5. If you run a longer distance we will have to reduce it to the above race mileage.
  6. We will be happy to accept all results with clear GPS tracks and in all other ways compliant with provisions of p.3 above.
  7. Minimum pace for all our races is 10 min/km.
  8. Treadmill or indoor results will not be accepted.

! Important: Shorter race distances, mismatching start time, later uploads and signs of fraud will all make grounds for disqualification.

 Winners and Prizes:

  1. All participants completing all three races in compliance with the Rules will be awarded Project 20/20 medals.
  2. Only those completing all three races can compete for the Prizes.
  3. Final Project 20/20 Chart will include total time of all Stages.
  4. We will award 1st, 2d and 3d Places to Men and Women in three age categories: 40 and younger, 41–55, 56+.  Participants' age shall be as of June 25, 2020.  
  5. Amateur Team Contest will be in the following three categories: Men's Team, Women's Team and Mixed Team.
  6. Final results will be posted within a week after the last race completion.
  7. Prizes and medals will be delivered at participant's cost. 



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